In Search of Excellence Through "ZERO DEFECT"

In every stage of a product life cycle, whether it is research & development, manufacturing, shipping and handling, or after-service, AcBel takes quality assurance and continuous improvement activities seriously. With an aim to always exceed customers’ expectation as well as meeting a diverse set of customer requirements, AcBel’s high-quality products comes fully certified and compliant with internationally recognized testing and safety standards.

With reliability and quality of our product as AcBel’s top priority, all products researched, designed, and manufactured by AcBel is fully compliant with international safety and quality standards. In meeting with world class customers’ expectations, our quality management system in both Taiwan and China has been approved and certified for ISO 9001 and IATF 16949.

HSF Policy

While there are constant innovations and changes in global green technology, all green products and equipment need power supplies for their effective operation AcBel leveraged our core R&D capability to put the focus in sustainability on green energy management solutions. We aim to provide total solutions. We aim to power the world with sustainable/renewable energy and high efficiency power supply.

AcBel "HSF Policy":

  • Source management:Green design;Continuous Improvement
  • Comply with Regulations and Customers for the requirement of Hazard Substances.
  • Committed to Eco- Friendly products,both on Design and Manufacture.


Regarding environmental protection and sustainability, AcBel constantly promotes the idea of a “Green company” to achieve our long-standing zero pollution commitment. In additional to complying with all global environmental standards for our production process, AcBel is dedicated in improving efficiency as well as implementing green designs to our products. All of our factories have been certified with international environmental standards such as ISO 14001, ISO45001, and IECQ QC080000 to show our commitment to ESH as a green company.


Currently, AcBel is considered by many world class customers as their green power supply design and manufacturing partner.

“In search of excellence through zero defects” is AcBel’s quality policy.

A “Completely satisfied customer” is AcBel's mission and commitment to our customers.

T、Q、R、D、C、E、S、H (Technology、Quality、Responsiveness、Delivery、Cost、Environment、Safety/Hygiene, Health)