One Day Craftsman of AcBel

We will share the life of a Acbel person in different professional positions occasionally. Invite you to follow the protagonist in the film to take you into the Acbel person daily work life.

In Acbel you can feel colleague concern each other also can co-work with professional teams . Through these projects, grown up together. In addition to work, there are many opportunities to participate in activities organized by the company, or join professional development courses, we also encourage colleagues to participate in volunteer activities during leisure time.

To keep on a balance between work and life is our insistence.

Electronic Engineer

Development and design of various power products, master design costs, model part sample review and approval, and be responsible for the single unit repair and yield improvement.

  • Single unit testing and repair
  • Processing the production problem of production line
  • Drawing Circuit diagram and Layout
  • Materials preparing 
  • Model file update and maintenance


Mechanical Design Engineer

Doing new product organization and exterior design, packaging design and mold development, actuator material selection, Drawing and mechanism modeling test.

  • Mechanical Design
  • Part No. Request and Build the document of BOM
  • Communicate with customers, vendors or other departments
  • Materials preparing for pilot run
  • Clarify engineering problems and countermeasures for trial production
  • Model mold and sample certification

Software/Firmware Engineer

The product control unit design planning and executing, product’s SW/FW Programming and maintenance, SW/FW test, Control the progress, quality and cost of soft firmware design.

  • Building and designing module SW/FM development
  • Problem analysis report
  • Proposal and improvement plan for algorithm
  • Develop new technologies

IoT Web Engineer

Do the planning, designing, implementation of network programs, control these progress, then test and modify them.

  • Analysis and design of the background system of the Internet of Things system
  • Programming and maintenance
  • Energy management, smart grid, smart lighting related applications

Test Engineer

Responsible for functional and environmental testing during the product design phase, testing application programming and maintenance, analysis and improvement.

  • Product testing and maintenance
  • Test file review
  • Adjust test program and set up test environment
  • Write a test report

International sales

Responsible for corporate products and services for foreign business promotion, sales, order processing, market development,  customer relationship maintenance and exhibition planning.

  • Product sales and business promotion
  • Develop new customers and communicate new product specifications
  • Product quotation and order processing
  • Planning to participate in international exhibitions

Project Manager

Product planning management, coordination with cross-departmental and customer.

  • Responsible for product development to production planning and management
  • Regularly track product development progress and conduct cross-departmental coordination
  • As a bridge to internal coordination with customers

Purchasing Manager

Execute procurement operations and supplier management to achieve the procurement goals be low-cost and high-quality .

  • Ask for bargaining and track material status
  • Negotiate prices, payment and delivery methods with suppliers
  • Production, trial production, acceptance of new products
  • Develop and evaluate new suppliers