Professional R&D team

AcBel’s global R&D Headquarter is established in Taiwan and has cooperated closely with key academic and research institutes. Aside from Taiwan R&D Center, AcBel also operates Technology Design Centers in China and U.S. to better serve customers. These R&D and design centers are run by one of the strongest technical teams in the industry and the cross-board R&D professionales can coordinate with each other efficiently, enabling the sharing of best practices and to bring the best minds together. AcBel provides power management solutions for our customers in different fields, including information technology, consumer electronics, networking, industrial, electronic vehicle and green energy, with products design capability ranging from 3W up to 10,000W.

Meet the customer's expectations

A reliable and stable power management solution is essential for all terminals and equipment to operate effectively. Our experienced and talented engineers are constantly working to develop solutions for our customers’ requirements. State of the Art laboratories enable our internal evaluation team to fully qualify our products. Each development and evaluation process has been monitored and executed to perfect our products without compromise, so as to meet customers’ expectation and earn their confidence and support for AcBel.

Completely satisfied customer

As a dedicated power management solution supplier facing the deteriorating global climate changes, AcBel is committed to relieve the global warming effect and accelerate the commercialization of green power by developing higher efficiency, lower energy consuming, and intelligent digital power management solution; and simultaneously, build the systematic solution based upon the core technology of power management solution.

AcBel R&D capabilities have successfully been managed to meet the quality required by customers and match the conversion requirements of the Climate Savers Computing Initiative (CSCI) one year earlier than expected. In the future, we will drive the company with the same policy; operate in correspondence with customers’ specialized needs and market trends, to reach the goals of customer satisfaction and corporate growth.