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Manpower Management

Manpower Management

AcBel regards the talent as our most valuable asset and treats every employee fairly and kindly. We are committed to creating a suitable and safe working environment where individuals can thrive. We have transparent and effective labor-management communication mechanisms, comprehensive remunerations and benefits, robust care measures, and diverse training systems to foster a culture of excellence and happiness within the company.

AcBel adheres to the "UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights" and the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) Code of Conduct. It has developed "Human Rights Policy" and "Labor Policy" in accordance with these principles. AcBel strictly complies with local laws and regulations in its operational bases. Through effective communication between labor and management, AcBel upholds the principles of "protection" and "respect" to implement various management measures in the company. In case of major changes in corporate operating and work conditions, a labor-management meeting will be held to facilitate communication with employees. In accordance with local government laws and regulations, AcBel gives an early notice period as part of the notification process to ensure the protection of employees' right to work.

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AcBel implements a human resource management strategy aligned with its corporate vision to effectively nurture, retain, and strategically managetalents. The aim is to maximize employees' potential, attract and retain top talent, and enhance the company's human capital. This strategy ultimately contributes to the achievement of the company's long-term sustainability goals and objectives.

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Manpower Structure

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Based on the company's development goals, the overall manpower and training needs are planned according to the AcBel framework. The company utilizes job description management systems and application assessment tools to systematically and objectively find suitable talents. After employees join the company, they can enhance their workplace skills through a career development pathway blueprint. The company also utilizes department supervisor interviews and counseling, optimizes salary levels, and improves the overall talent retention rate. Taking the example of the work location in Taiwan, the average employee retention rate has been increased to 81.97% in the past five years, surpassing the industry employment market's 60%-70% reported by 104 Job Bank in 2022.

The total number of employees in the company declined by a slight 7.53% in 2022 compared to 2021, primarily due to a decrease in the number of employees in China. However, the Taiwan and Philippines factories experienced an increase in employee numbers due to the company's development strategy. If we categorize by work location, the top three are: Dongguan Factory, Taiwan (HQ and Tamsui Factory), and Philippines Factory, accounting for a total of 72.63%.

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New Hires Overview

Analyzing the proportion of new hires to the number of employees at the end of the year, it was observed that in 2022, both Taiwan and the Philippines showed an increase compared to the previous year. However, plants in China experienced a decrease in this proportion due to the easing of pandemic restrictions and increased mobility of personnel. Furthermore, when considering the age distribution, the highest proportion of new hires was observed among individuals aged 30 and below. Additionally, the gender ratio among these new hires tended to be balanced.

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Employee Turnover

Analyzing the annual turnover rate, the average rate for operators in 2022 was 16.15%, with the highest rate observed in Wujiang Factory. For general employee, the average rate was 1.85%, with the highest rate found in the Philippines which was due to personnel replacements. Analyzing the annual turnover rate in 2022, the highest turnover rate was observed in the plants in China, primarily among employees aged 30 and below, followed by those aged 30-50. This can be attributed to factors such as the easing of pandemic restrictions leading to increased mobility of individuals, a highly selective job market, and increased job opportunities. These factors have contributed to an upward trend in the turnover rate.

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Local / Female Employee in Senior Management Positions and Employment of Ethnic Minority and Individual with Disability

The proportion of local personnel in top management positions is highest in Dongguan Factory at 60%, followed by Tongliang Factory at 50%. In Taiwan (HQ and Tamsui Factory), although there are 11 local personnel in managerial positions, the proportion is lower at 23.91% due to a higher number of top management positions.

Analyzing the female representation in top management, only work locations in Taiwan, Dongguan, and the Philippines have women serving as senior executives. The proportion of women in top management positions in these locations is 19.57%, 20.00%, and 12.50% respectively. In the future, there will be plans to continue promoting and appointing outstanding female to top management positions.

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Performance Assessment and Retirement System

Employee Performance Assessment and Promotion

AcBel has established a comprehensive job classification and position system, including professional positions (technical personnel, staff), project positions, and supervisory positions. This provides employees with different career paths and options for professional development. Employees can choose to pursue a career in professional positions or supervisory positions based on their individual career plans. Alternatively, they can gain experience in project positions before advancing to supervisory roles.

By cultivating its own supervisors, the company can develop leaders who have a deep understanding of the organizational culture and values. This is beneficial for maintaining organizational consistency and direction. Taking the HQ & Tamsui factory in Taiwan as an example, currently, 70% of the supervisors are internally cultivated by the company, showcasing AcBel's emphasis on internal talent cultivation and promotion opportunities.

In addition, AcBel allows employees to be transferred to different positions based on the operational needs of each department and their own development aspirations. This provides employees with diverse job responsibilities and challenges, which helps cultivate well-rounded skills and enhances the organization's flexibility and innovation capabilities.

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AcBel conducts regular employee performance review each year, utilizing digital tools to facilitate the performance evaluation system. This enables more effective collection of employee performance data and provides objective evaluation criteria. It also helps employees understand their own performance, make timely adjustments to their performance targets, and improve work methods. Real-time feedback promotes smooth communication and exchange, fostering an open and transparent work environment.

When employees fall behind in performance areas, AcBel classifies them as candidates for coaching and improvement in order to assist them in enhancing their job performance. The coaching and improvement plan is implemented by the relevant supervisory personnel, who work together with the employee to devise a customized improvement plan. If the employee fails to meet the improvement standards, appropriate actions such as termination or retirement will be carried out in accordance with local labor laws to ensure that the employee's employment rights are properly protected.

In 2022, all production sites achieved a 100% completion rate for the annual performance evaluation process. The evaluation process involved self-assessment by employees, followed by a review from their supervisors, and final approval from the President. Performance evaluations were directly linked to rewards and promotions, motivating employees to excel and retaining talent for the company's sustainable development. In 2022, a total of 292 employees successfully completed the internal promotion assessment based on their performance, accounting for 3.98% of the total workforce.

Retirement System and Social Insurance

From the point that employees report to work, AcBel complies with local laws and regulations at each operating base to implement employee retirement plans in order to safeguard their rights and meet their future life needs upon retirement. In 2022, the allocated retirement benefit expenses paid to the Labor Insurance Bureau amounted to 62,844,000 NT dollars. The retirement benefit expenses and basic pension insurance expenses recognized by other subsidiaries included in the consolidated financial statements amounted to 105,513,000 NT dollars.

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Smooth Communication Channels

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AcBel values effective two-way communication between the company and its employees in order to better understand their needs, opinions, and feedback. When necessary, this input is incorporated into the formulation, implementation, and modification of company policies, establishing trust and consensus between labor and management and fostering a friendly work atmosphere.

In 2022, AcBel received 58 employee feedback regarding company management, primarily related to improving meals, accommodation conditions, and supervisor management styles. We continuously strive for improvement through hardware upgrades and enhanced supervisor training. No reports of unethical behavior were received through any reporting channels.

In 2022, AcBel Taiwan implemented an Enterprise Information Portal (EIP) that serves as an information dissemination system. This allows employees to receive real-time company updates. We plan to expand this system to other locations in the future to enhance communication throughout the company.

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Care and Assistance for Foreign Employees

In managing foreign workers, AcBel is committed to providing an equal, respectful, and friendly working environment. We ensure that all employees have ample opportunities for integration and development within the company. The relevant measures are explained from the following three perspectives:

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