ESG Action-Hundreds of employees and their families clean the beach together

As Taiwan gradually sees the light in the epidemic, during this period, everyone is also asked to re-examine the relationship between human and the environment. On October 3, AcBel and Kinpo Electronics, Inc., both belong to the New Kinpo Group, jointly called on hundreds of employees and their families to participate in "Operation 1095-Coastal Beach Cleaning". We collected 357 kilograms of domestic garbage, plastics, styrofoam, PET bottles, waste tires, discarded fishing nets and other marine debris on the 450-meter coastline of the Tamsui Zhouziwan beach that we adopted.

The spirit of environmental sustainability is reflected in company operations. In order to encourage employees to participate in public welfare activities, AcBel also provides paid volunteer leave and public welfare leave. This event not only unites colleagues, but can also be said to be a model of corporate sustainability and ESG (environmental protection, social responsibility, corporate governance) promotion.

Jerry Hsu, Chairman of AcBel, further expects that AcBel keeps to play the leading role of "energy innovation" in the next 40 years, not only to develop and design clean and efficient energy products, but also to drive people, organizations, and enterprises to work together and to protect to protect the earth's ecology, in response to the Taiwan government’s goal - "net zero carbon emissions" by 2050.

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