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AcBel won the "2019 Asia Responsible Enterprise Awards–Investment In People"

AcBel won the "2019 Asia Responsible Enterprise Awards(AREA) –Investment In People" presented by Enterprise Asia. This is the first time that AcBel won the "AREA Awards" and is the only one Taiwanese electronics manufacturing company received this award this year.

AcBel always believes that talent capital is the sustainable competitiveness of enterprises. Constructing a full-scale happiness workplace is one of the important missions of the company. The company takes "Four Hearts: employees peace of mind, family reassurance, health and comfort, and dedication" as a talent care strategy to comprehensively create a safe, healthy and comfortable working environment, providing a "zero pollution, zero occupational injuries and zero work accidents" friendly working environment.

AcBel adheres to the philosophy of “Employees are the most important family members”, extending employee care to the family life of employees, paying attention to the next generation and the next next generation of employees, providing a number of cross-generational employee care and welfare measures, so that employees can build a career no worries.

David Kao, the president of AcBel, said "making every employee in the company feel happy is the foundation for enterprises to implement social responsibility. Only by doing a good job in talent investment and actively creating a high-quality and happy workplace can we meet the challenges of sustainable development in the future and achieve the company's commitment and determination for sustainable development."

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*Tony Wan(middle), senior vice president of AcBel, attended the "2019 AREA Asia Corporate Social Responsibility Awards" awarding ceremony hosted by Enterprise Asia, and received the "Investment In People Award".