2018 Summer Camp- Energy Conservation and Environmental Education Tour

In order to take root in environmental education and promote the concept of energy conservation and environmental protection, AcBel Polytech Inc. freely led the teachers and students to the clean beach activities in Baisha Bay on the North Coast on July 19, and visited the North Coast of the Ministry of Communications and the Guanyinshan National Scenic Area Administration. The North Coast Recreation Discovery Center and the "Taipower Exhibit Center in Northern Taiwan" , and invited local volunteer teachers to explain the rich ecology of Baisha Bay to children. In addition, we also led the children to walk in the Linshan Nasal Trail, through the detailed explanation of the Faurie’s Brake, Purple-stalk Sword Fern, Ficus septica and sea mango to let children understand ecology and plants, and deepen their understanding of environmental protection! The volunteer teachers at the Taitung North Exhibition Hall introduced the knowledge about where electricity comes from, nuclear power generation, nuclear energy safety protection, and electricity safety. On the second floor, there are learning areas like multi-generation power generation, low-carbon lifestyle and interactive area, power supply stations, and art space galleries, etc., so that children can learn and play. Let the children have a good time in the study and spend a full and educational day.