2020 Zhouziwan Beach Adoption

AcBel responded to the Environmental Protection Administration Executive Yuan's Coastal Beach Cleaning Adoption Plan this year, we adopted Zhouziwan Beach 450 meters, and will go beach cleaning from time to time. In addition, AcBel is also in line with international standards. After the beach cleaning is completed, the Taiwan International Beach Cleaning Action Record Form will be filled in and provided to The Society Of Wilderness for statistics.

In the process of beach cleaning, we learned that beach cleaning is more than just bending over and picking it up. We found that the amount of PET bottles accounted for about 57% of the total garbage; followed by the styrofoam fishery Supplies, accounting for about 26%.

As a beautiful island surrounded by the sea, Taiwan is bred with abundant marine resources. These "treasures of water" are extremely important to us. Therefore, all of us are responsible for protecting the marine environment and resources. The blue treasure of Formosa needs everyone to guard it. In addition to beach cleaning, "garbage does not fall to the ground" is an excellent aid to protect marine resources.

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