"Leopard Cat Rice Contract Farming Project”

In 2021, AcBel joined the project “Leopard Cat Rice Contract Farming” promoted by the customer Accton Technology to bring awareness to important ecological issues and plants the concepts of ecological sustainability with actual action. 

Through the power of a total of 28 companies in the supply chain, the rice fields in Fung Shue Wo area in Miaoli has been expanded to five hectares. We also promised to purchase about 3919 kg of “Leopard Cat Rice”.

On the Earth Day, together with the local farmer, our business partners, and who ever love about the land, we published our recording to commit to environmental protection and animal conservation. Claims to fight against improper mountain development project and value the potential of rice farm. By this project, we aim to construct healthy ecological chain that allows small animals (Leopard Cat) to inhabit pesticide-free rice fields.

Documentary: "Leopard Cat Rice Contract Farming"

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