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Professional Training

Excellent Talent Cultivation

"Talent" is regarded as the most crucial resource of an enterprise, as well as the creator and implementer of corporate value. Through the construction of learning maps in consideration of business development and employee career development, AcBel devotes sufficient resources to employees of different positions and ranks, from new employee training, on-the-job training, and supervisor training, to cultivating an atmosphere of independent learning for employees. In addition, starting from 2021, AcBel promoted a credit system in which each employee needs to take at least 24 credits of self-learning on an annual basis, which is paired with a promotion assessment system to enhance the accumulation of intellectual capital so as to create momentum for the company's sustainable development.

In order to continue to develop diversified talents, optimize the cultivation system and match the requirements for promotion, the training expenses in 2021 increased by 50.16% compared to the previous year. In 2021, in response to the continuing pandemic of COVID-19, we have increased the number of digital courses offered so that employees do not have fewer opportunities to learn due to geographical restrictions. Therefore, the overall training expenses, total training hours and average training hours have increased or maintained. The most significant increases were in Taiwan (Qiyan and Tamusui plants) and Wuhan plant, followed by a slight increase in Dongguan plant and a flat increase in the Philippines plant.

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Incentives for Certificates and Language Learning

With the support of internationalization and professionalization policy and the promotion conditions of employees, despite the decrease in the number of applications for Learning Allowance in 2021, the fees for "Total Investment" and "Certificate Incentive" continued to increase, with a slight increase of 23.66% for Total Investment and 64.34% for Certificate Incentive in 2021 compared to 2020.

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Human Rights Training

Through the human rights risk management process, the company conducted risk identification, and by the end of 2021, all of AcBel's operating bases completed human rights assessment. In addition, human rights training has been implemented to ensure that the human rights conditions of all employees at all operating bases are 100% protected and the risk of human rights violations is reduced.

In case of major changes in corporate operating and work conditions, a labormanagement consultation meeting will be held to facilitate communication with employees. In accordance with local government laws and regulations, AcBel gives the early notice period as part of the notification process to ensure the protection of employees' right to work.

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