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Manpower Management

Manpower Management

AcBel follows international human rights norms as well as treats every applicant and employee with fairness, friendliness and in compliance of human-right related regulations. AcBel does not discriminate in any circumstances. Whether work arrangements, salary benefits or training promotion are all transparent and fair. The company is also committed to promoting diversified labor-employer communication platforms with equality and harmony to create a friendly and happy workplace.

"Development of talented individuals" is a key element for a company to practice sustainable development. Accordingly, AcBel's business philosophy is "while the company is pursuing growth and profit, it can still be committed to assisting employees to grow together with the company by providing competitive measures for compensation plans and benefits as well as creating an environment for continuous learning and growth for employees."

The core concept of AcBel's talent development is in line with the company's strategic goal: we treat talented individuals as important assets. Considering internal and external environmental factors, career development blueprints are developed and designed according to different positions and the needs of employees. Additionally, using PDCA cycle model to cultivate the employees' comprehensive learning ability, adaptability, execution ability, technical ability, and leadership has become pivotal of AcBel's transformation. We also connect internal and external cultivation resources and expand the level of influence to become responsible of nurturing talented individuals.

Talented individuals are the key to the sustainable development of an enterprise, and cherishing such key individuals is vital to creating corporate value. AcBel promotes the PHAM plan, which emphasizes "Positivity," "Hospitality," "Attitude" and "Magnanimity." Only through an empathic and responsible corporate atmosphere can key talented individuals with diversified skills who possess capabilities of communication, problem-solving, decision-making, and innovative thinking be cultivated, and thus the foundation for sustainable business operations can be deepened.

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Human Rights Policy

AcBel supports and promotes international human rights protection and initiatives. In order to respect and protect the labor human rights of every employee, AcBel formulates and implements company-related policies and management regulations of labor/human rights in accordance with the "Universal Declaration of Human Rights," "International Conventions of International Labor Organization," the Code of Conduct of Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) and SA 8000 Social Responsibility Management System.

AcBel is also committed to creating a friendly workplace as well as prohibiting any forced labor, restrictions on employees' freedom of movement and violations of employees' personal will. In addition, the company formulates measures to prevent sexual harassment and implement relevant measures such as gender equality and multicultural tolerance to practice an equal and friendly workplace.

AcBel strictly forbids hiring child labors under the minimum working age specified by local laws and regulations as well as prohibits juvenile workers from working overtime, night shifts and in hazardous areas. The company also respects its employees' freedom of association and rights of collective bargaining. If there are changes in major operation or changes in working conditions, a labor-management meeting will be held to communicate when necessary, and a notice will be made within the legal time limit in accordance with local government regulations to protect the employees' work rights.

Manpower Structure

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The operational headquarters of AcBel is located in Taiwan with major R&D department and one manufacturing base, while the other three manufacturing bases are established in various Asian countries. The company had 6,348 employees worldwide, 100% of whom were officially employed. Geographically speaking, 1,540 of these employees were in Taiwan, 4,254 were in China as the region with the most employees, and 554 were in the Philippines as the region with the least employees. In terms of gender, 3,611 of the employees were male (56.88% of the total population) and 2,737 were female (43.12% of the total population). The gender difference is mainly attributed to the nature of the electronics manufacturing industry which usually has a great number of men with an engineering background.

In terms of age, 3,750 employees are 30-50 years old (accounting for 59.07% of the total number of employees). In addition, 2,158 young employees under the age of 30 account for 33.99% of the total number of employees. These two combined make up more than 93% of the total employee population. In terms of academic qualifications, 1,896 of our employees are at least college graduates. These people, who mainly hold R&D and management positions, account for 29.87% of the total number of employees. The remaining 4,452 employees have at least a senior high school education level and account for 70.13% of the total number of employees. They are mainly engaged in production work.

In addition, there were a total of 170 people including contractors and resident personnel (e.g. resident security guards, janitors, gardeners, restaurant servers) in each base, which accounted for 2.68% of the total number of employees.



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Given the difference in job content, the turnover rate will be elaborated from two aspects. In 2020, the turnover rate of production workr was on average 10.50%, showing no significant change in turnover rate in the last three years and a relatively stable flow of personnel. Due to the labor market in China not saturated, multiple choices for career and younger age in Dongguan and Wuhan Plant, the turnover rate in China was relatively higher than Taiwan. An analysis of the turnover rate of employees who have newly arrived or left showed that most of them were under the age of 30 and accounted for about 70 % of the group.

The results of interviews and surveys showed that employee resignation is mainly attributed to the monotonousness of work contents, undesirable salary or benefits and difficulty in adjusting to corporate management style. AcBel will optimize its corporate management system by continuously increasing remuneration benefits for our employees as well as improving workplace environment. We look forward to becoming a joyful corporate where our employees could fulfill their goals of self-realization, continual development and work-life balance so that the employees can enjoy themselves at work and turnover rate can drop down.

Female and Local Top Management / Disabled and Aboriginals Hiring Status

AcBel's basic employment principle is to adopt multi-dimension tolerance, equal opportunities and appropriate accommodations regardless of sexual orientation, race, or physical/mental disabilities. Statistics show that a total of 11 women held top management positions in the company in the year of 2020, which accounted for 16.92% of the company’s senior management. The statistics demonstrates a continued growth in female executives and a significant increase by 4.14% compared with the percentage in 2018. In addition, a total of 740 employees from minority and disadvantage group were employed, which accounted for 11.16% of overall staff. The statistics can be seen as evidence that AcBel has established a workspace which is fair, respectful, safe, equal and free of discrimination as well as harassment.

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Performance Assessment and Retirement System

Performance Assessment

AcBel has established its performance assessment mechanism in order to make all employees and supervisors able to fairly and objectively evaluate work performance and ensure connection with individual work goals, implement communication feedback mechanisms and allow the company and employees to grow together in a positive cycle. The annual performance assessment is divided into three stages: "Personal Annual Goal Setting," "Annual Goal Achievement Review, Improvement and Revision" and "Final Performance Assessment."

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Promotion System

In order to let employees understand their own future development direction in the company and encourage self-development, the company gives employees who have outstanding performance at work the opportunity of promotion that they deserve. Individuals who want to be promoted must meet the following conditions: language ability, learning map, seniority/rank level, performance assessment, etc., supervisors at all levels will also take the needs of the organization's position, the work performance of colleagues, and whether they meet the various abilities of the promoted position into account for evaluation. Only when the conditions are met the requirments for promotion can be submitted. After the review by the company's personnel evaluation committee, the promotion can be accepted after the president agrees. All promotions were based on the principle of fairness and equality, and there is no discrimination based on race or gender. Furthermore, appropriate talents were selected and evaluated according to the company’s organizational development goals, departmental needs, personal performance, talent development and other factors to meet their goal of career development goal.

Retirement System and Social Insurance

In accordance with the laws and regulations of the place where we operate, we implement various retirement plans that include pensions to protect the interests of our employees. In Taiwan, the company abides by the staff retirement management plan which is applicable to all officially appointed employees. AcBel complies with the "Labor Pension Regulations." Each employee who meets the requirements of the new system applies is required to contribute a 6% of their monthly salary to a special labor pension account managed by the Labor Insurance Bureau. As for the plants in China, a certain percentage of employees’ salary is deposited into the government’s social insurance account according to the salary of employees for the purpose of retirement when faced with oldness, sickness, disability, childbirth, death, disaster and life difficulties. And for plants in the Phillipines also allocates a fixed percentage to the compulsory social insurance (Social Security System, SSS), medical insurance (PhilHealth) and housing reserve (Pag-IBIG) each month by the company and its employees in accordance with the related laws and regulations.

The pension expenses allocated to the Labor Insurance Bureau in 2020 were NTD 52,533,000 in total. Other pension expenses and basic pension insurance expenses recognized by the subsidiaries included in the preparation of the consolidated financial statements are NTD 78,824,000.

Smooth Communication Channels

In order to create and maintain a corporate culture of open communication, AcBel establishes multiple two-way communication channels internally so that employees can express their opinions and have the company listen to their voices at any time. In this way, employees and management can cultivate their mutual trust and cohesion.

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A two-way opinion exchange mechanism serves as the basis for enhancing and improving company management measures, assisting in optimizing organizational operations, and strengthening the positive energy of the team. In 2020, a total of 63 employee opinions were received through employee communication channels. Most of the opinions received were suggestions concerning management issues made by employees. The departments were assigned to improve or make adjustment concerning the issues, and reply improvement results to the senders within the deadline.



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Care and Assistance for Foreign Employees

To maintain the level of innovation and momentum within the company, AcBel strives to increase the diversity of workforce as well as professional expertise inclusion. Besides local employees, Tamsui Plant recruited a number of Filipino employees, who are responsible for business management and production lines.

All foreign employees are entitled to the same benefits as the other employees. In addition, AcBel also covers their expenses for recruitment, agency fees and medical examination and provides legitimate and cozy dormitory to fully comply with "Zero Charge for Migrant Workers" policy from RBA standards. Administrative personnel with acquisition in Tagalog are arranged to assist our foreign employees’ life in Taiwan.

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