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Health and Safety Workplace

Health and Safety Management

Employee health is a top priority for AcBel. Creating a safe and healthy workplace environment where employees are free from possible health or safety hazards is one of the company's core objectives. We provide a healthy and safe workplace environment with five zeros: zero discrimination, zero bullying, zero workplace injuries, zero occupational accidents, and zero pollution, so that all employees can be well taken care of both physically and psychologically. By so doing, we expect to enhance the overall competitiveness of the company and protect the employees of the contractors working at the factory or the employees of the resident factories.

AcBel has adopted the three main axes of "Introduction of Management System", "Prevention of Occupational Disaster", and "Protection Plans for Labor Health" as the implementation policy to create a healthy and safe workplace environment. In addition to following the RBA Code of Conduct, AcBel has also implemented the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System, ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System, etc. Under the framework of compliance with regulations, AcBel identifies hazards, evaluates risks, and formulates prevention or reduction plans to improve employee safety, reduce the risk of hazards in the workplace, and create a better and safer workplace environment.

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Four Major Protection Project for Labor Health

In line with the government's policy on labor care, the issue of maternity care has received more attention in the trend of internationalization, which has brought about major structural changes at workplace, such as shift work, night shift, long working hours, repetitive work nature, unusual workload, fatigue or stress, workplace violence, and the recognition of women's ability to work, and the increasing importance of women in the workplace. AcBel promotes various measures to protect the physical and mental health of workers, including:
(A). a program to prevent ergonomic hazards (musculoskeletal diseases caused by repetitive work, etc.), (B). a program to prevent diseases caused by abnormal workloads,
(C). a program to protect the health of maternal workers in the workplace,
(D). a program to prevent wrongful acts in the performance of duties.
The Occupational Safety and Health Office is responsible for promoting health promotion, health management, occupational disaster prevention and workplace risk reduction activities to ensure the safety, health and well-being of employees and to create a healthy workplace for employees.

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Environmental Training Promotion and Safety Awareness

New Employees

AcBel complies with the legal requirement to require new employees to attend a mandatory "Occupational Safety and Health" course on the first day of employment, including hazardous substance identification, emergency escape drills, personal protective gear, fire training operations, AED training, infectious disease prevention and control, etc., in order to raise employees' awareness of environmental safety and reduce or eliminate the chance of hazards.

Employees in Special Job Positions

For employees in special or high-risk positions, we implement pre-employment medical examinations, annual in-service medical examinations and post-employment medical examinations to avoid the risk of occupational diseases. All such employees must pass the professional training and obtain the qualified certificate, and must wear the appropriate personal protective equipment to perform the operation of the relevant special operations. In Taiwan, AcBel also provides weekly on-site services by dedicated occupational safety and health physicians to assist employees in diagnosing illnesses or providing medical consultation. In 2021, the service was switched to online service due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and there has been no incident of occupational disease among employees working in special or high-risk positions.

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In 2021, AcBel conducted two annual fire drills and one first-aid training for all production sites (the Philippines plant did not hold emergency drills and first-aid training due to the pandemic), and conducted occupational safety and health education and training for a total of 91,967 attendees, with a total of 65,811.43 hours of training. Occupational safetyrelated licenses were renewed and training was conducted in accordance with local laws and regulations.

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Active Prevention of Occupational Hazards

In 2021, there were no occupational injuries or illnesses resulting in the death of employees at any of AcBel's production sites. In Taiwan, there were 11 cases of work-related injuries caused by traffic accidents during commuting. There was one workrelated injury at the Dongguan plant. After the employee was involved in a serious car accident on the way to work, the company granted 184 days of work-related injury leave according to the law, which is a serious occupational injury as defined by GRI Standard 403-9. The statistical injury rate (IR) increased in all plants except the Philippines, which is lower than the previous year. All workplace injuries were reported to the occupational safety and health unit of each plant through official channels, and post-injury handling and improvement operations are carried out to reduce the chance of recurrence through safety promotion and training.

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Employee Health Promotion

AcBel takes the "physical and mental health" of its employees as the core of its health promotion process, and provides free and non-discriminatory health checkups to its employees every year. The information from the health checkups is analyzed and managed by the labor and safety department in accordance with the principle of data confidentiality, and is combined with the monthly overtime hours and health risk assessment of employees to track their personal health status. In addition, in order to help on early prevention of disease and to reduce the need to travel for employees, AcBel offers free cancer screenings, including oral cancer, colorectal cancer, cervical cancer, and influenza vaccination to reduce the spread of infectious diseases, in cooperation with local government health authorities.

AcBel's annual strategic goal for 2021 is "Health-Building for Wellness". In addition to sending monthly e-newsletters to provide health-related information and remind employees to participate in activities, activities include health education and lectures, new information on epidemic prevention, and a series of health promotion activities such as weight-loss competitions, 10,000-step walk competitions are held in Taiwan to encourage employees to actively participate and reduce the risk of personal health hazards. AcBel also provides employment opportunities for the visually-impaired employees and allow employees to enjoy free massage services offered by visually-impaired massage therapists. The Wuhan plant reinforces quarterly meetings with employees to understand their health and workplace needs and to provide necessary assistance.

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