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Employee Benefits

Employee Compensation

AcBel relies on employee performance orientation to plan fair, complete and comprehensive compensation as well as benefit package designed to stimulate employees' willingness and potential to work, ensure the achievement of employee and departmental performance goals, as well as attract and retain talents. By doing so, AcBel improves the company's operational performances. With reference to the salary survey, the standard of living, the basic wage and social welfare regulations of the law, and the overall profitability of the company's operation, the company sets the salary and benefits in excess of the law. To this end, AcBel consistently takes care of the employees and their families while planning a comprehensive social insurance and retirement system so as to safeguard the employees from the time they join the company to the time they retire.

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In recent years, AcBel has made annual salary adjustments to share the profitability of its operations with its employees, satisfy their livelihood, and ensure salary competitiveness. In accordance with the company's policy of equal pay for equal work, the ratio of basic salary for men to women is 1:1 at each plant in 2021. After taking into account the factor of local living costs, the basic starting salaries of employees at all plants, except for the Philippines plant, are higher than the local statutory basic salary to meet the fundamental needs of employees.

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The company designs compensation in accordance with the varying responsibilities of individual positions but with no discrimination based on gender. In consideration of positions and annual salaries, male employees holding executives, consultants or other specialized positions have generally higher salaries than their female counterparts who hold the same positions. The reason for such phenomenon might be that in the power supply industry the majority of the high-level managers and senior employees are males. However, in the positions of staff personnel or operators, the majority of senior employees are females; therefore, the female employees' salary is higher than their male counterparts in these job positions.

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Employee Benefits

In addition to providing competitive salaries and rewards, AcBel is committed to implementing management principles such as reasonable fairness, employee needs, and cost control, as well as planning measures beyond salaries and benefits to enhance employees' happiness and sense of identity in the workplace, so as to achieve the goal of profit-sharing for both labor and management.

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Baby Bonus - Taiwan

With the growing problem of declining birthrate in Taiwan, AcBel has provided employee maternity allowance benefits since 2011 for each newborn baby, applicable to the employees' children as well. The employee will receive NTD 66,000 per new born baby as maternity allowance to increase the willingness to nurture our next generation.

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Employee Clubs

In order to take care of the physical and mental health of employees and promote the harmony of family life, AcBel encourages employees to form their own clubs, and the company subsidizes the activities to encourage employees and their family members to participate together to achieve the three objectives of relieving employees' stress, enhancing the friendship of colleagues, and promoting family relationships. Plants in China also organize monthly employee birthday parties, special festivals such as Dragon Boat Festival and Mid-Autumn Festival, such as Zongzi wrapping experience and singing competitions, so that employees can relax physically and mentally and relieve their work pressure during weekdays.

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Caring for Female Employees

AcBel guarantees gender equality in the right to work. However, due to the changes in labor structure in recent years, women play an important role at workplace. In order to increase the labor force participation rate and retention rates of female employees and to create a workplace-friendly work environment, the company provides various measures or services exclusively for female employees, as follows:

• The company provides breastfeeding rooms and unlimited daily breastfeeding leave that are superior to the regulatory standard.
• Maternity leave, maternity examination leave, paternity leave, unpaid parental leave & parental leave, and menstrual leave (exclusive to Taiwan) are provided in accordance with the laws and regulations.
• In conjunction with the government's "Maternal Worker Health Protection Program", the company's occupational specialists and nurses provide health care for pregnant employees and those with breastfeeding needs.
• Taking into account the physiological needs of women, we provide a comfortable rest area, health education on physiological issues, and consultation with doctors.
• Free mammograms and pap smears (exclusive to Taiwan) are provided in cooperation with local health authorities.

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