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Social Care

Social Participation

AcBel firmly believes that the success of an enterprise comes from the support of the society. When an enterprise is successful, what it has taken from the society must be used in the society.

In the company's vision of "We Power the World - Become a Positive Energy for a Sustainable Cycle," our social participation is centered on "Caring for the Environment and Ecology, Taking Care of the Disadvantaged, and Becoming a Supporter of Positive Social Forces." AcBel's social participation in the local community is underlined by the fundamental concept of “Humanity”. By accumulating spontaneous strength from supply chains, employees and their families, various resources are put into social participation and actively integrated into the local community, including Caring for Local Communities, Practice of Environmental Protection and Education Sprouting, jointly implementing goals of "Caring for Education, Environmental Protection, Localization and Future Fulfillment."

In response to climate change, AcBel attaches importance to environmental sustainability. Starting from 2021, we will incorporate the important material topic of water resources regarding environmental sustainability issues into our social participation actions to protect precious water resources together.

2020 Charity Activity


With the collective efforts from our employees as well as their family, community schools, welfare foundations and mass media, AcBel has demonstrated our passion for giving back to society and extending social influence. Starting from caring for the locals, including education support for disadvantaged children in schools, caring for the local environment and ecology, etc., we will practice our determination to invest in social welfare.

Volunteering Leave with Pay / Charity Leave

AcBel encourages employees to participate in volunteer activities. For increasing employees’ motivation, the company provides paid volunteering leave and activity subsidies, so that employees can take paid holiday when participating in the company's volunteer activities.

In addition, starting from 2020, we also provide our employees with four hours of paid charity leave per year to motivate employees to step outside of the office as well as participate in external charity events, keep flexibility for employees to devote themselves into charity events and enhance their willingness of joining social service activities.

"Energy-Saving and Carbon Reduction" Summer Camp

Every summer, AcBel organizes a series of “Energy-saving and Carbon Reduction” activities for children of our employees. In 2020, AcBel collaborated with Yu-Ying Elementary School, Tamsui Elementary School and Jhongtai Elementary School in Tamsui District to host the “Energy-saving and Carbon Reduction” summer camp with a total of 95 participants. This year, the summer camp includes lessons about aquatic ecosystem and energy-saving knowledge, with a field learning trip organized to Shezidao Wetlands. Through in-class learning and participation in field trips, the goal of promoting environmental protection education can be realized. From 2018 to 2020, a total of 250 students from 7 different elementary schools participated in this camp.

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"Flying with Dreams" Project

In 2020, AcBel participated in “Flying with Dreams” project proposed by Shu Chau-ing Foundation, and a total of NTD 588,560 was raised to help 35 children from disadvantaged families to fulfill their dreams of cultivating diversified talents. This project had benefited 92 children from 2018 to 2020 and accomplished their talent cultivation plan.

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"Dreams Come True" Activity

AcBel collaborated with Shu Chau-ing Foundation to organize “Gifts from Faraway Activity” in 2020. 39 children were provided with Christmas gifts from the activity, and a bridge of friendship was built between the employees and children. A total of 163 children have received presents from their dream lists for Children's Day from 2017 to 2020.

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Blood Donation Activity at Manufacturing Plant

In 2020, a joint effort with Taipei Blood Donation Center organized one “Heart-Warming Blood Donation” at Tamsui plant, and 107 bags of blood were collected through the donation of a total of 64 employees. In total, 630 bags of blood were collected from 2018 to 2020.

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Beach Adoption & Cleansing

Due to geographical location of Tamsui Plant, with only 10-minute drive to Jhouzihwan Beach in Tamsui District of New Taipei City, AcBel actively participated in "Beach Adoption Program" by Environmental Protection Administration, in which 450 meters of the beach has been adopted by AcBel. Furthermore, AcBel organized twice beach cleansing activities with our employees and their families on the adopted beach area in 2020 to maintain cleanness on the beautiful beach. Through practical actions, we devoted the care to local beach ecosystem.

“Do One thing for Tamsui River”

In response to the initiative, “Do One Thing for Tamsui River," held by Common Wealth Magazine, AcBel participated in "Roll-up the Sleeves, Make Rivers Clean" activity in 2020. Multiple corporations summoned their staff to care for local water quality and ecological changes in Tamsui River as well as arouse their awareness of caring about local environment protection. Around 200 kilograms of waste was collected in the activity, which let more people become aware of the importance of protecting Tamsui River and the surrounding environment.

Leopard Cat Rice Contract Farming Project

In response to “Leopard Cat Rice Contract Farming Project," AcBel assisted farmers in Fengshuwo, Tongxiao Township, Miaoli to plant rice in a non-toxic, pesticide-free, and land-friendly way to regain the watershed. The goal of the action is to let rodents and hares come to forage naturally while providing Leopard Cats hunting opportunities, rebuild a healthy ecological chain of farmland and create an endless food chain. To achieve the goal, AcBel has promised to purchase 6,528 catties of local rice production, which will be donated for consumption by disadvantaged families and alternative gifts for Chinese New Year, so that this environmental and ecological sustainability can be extended to more stakeholders.

Sea Returning Project

In 2021, we expect to implement the "Sea Returning Project" in conjunction with Business Today Magazine. With the combination of environmental protection groups and recycling manufacturers, we will make coastal beach cleaning more meaningful. The main purpose of this activity is to return plastic waste materials such as marine waste bottles to recycling manufacturers. Through their waste plastic recycling technology, they can convert the waste plastic bottles into blue and white slippers which symbolize the image of Taiwan and return them to the circulation of market, making pure coastal beach cleaning activities more meaningful.

Other Activities

In 2020, AcBel held a "Joint Fundraising Campaign" to launch a spontaneous fundraising activity for all employees. A total of 399 employees participated in the activity, and NT$784,257 was raised and donated to various charities. From 2018 to 2020, a total of NT$2,047,936 was raised.

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In 2020, AcBel sponsored "Symphonic New Taipei City - Wind Orchestra Festival in Tamsui" events for NT$50,000, supporting local schools' wind band in Tamsui to conduct music feasts so that local residents had the opportunity to listen to high-level performances of wind orchestra and let music and art naturally blend into their life.

Since 2010, we have also cooperated with "Chung Yi Social Welfare Foundation" to encourage children of our employees to participate in the Invoice Soliciting Campaign during summer vacation every year. All collected invoices are donated to Chung Yi Social Welfare Foundation to help orphaned children.

Starting from the main business, AcBel builds shared happiness and value and fulfills the responsibility of corporate citizenship by combining its own expertise and thinking about how to create influence as well as combining local thinking. AcBel looks forward to sowing the seeds of happiness for the society and allowing the seeds to sprout smoothly with continuing irrigation of caring. By doing so, we expect the seeds to grow, thrive, bring beneficial influences to the society and form a positive cycle.