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Sustainable Supply Chain

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Customer Communication

We provide customized services and products that meet market and customer needs. Headquartered in Taiwan, AcBel also has its production bases across the globe, including Taiwan, China, and the Philippines as well as service offices in the United States, Europe, and Asia, namely Taiwan, China, and Japan. The establishment of production bases and service offices around the globe allows AcBel to realize the corporate spirit of "AcBel providing services to customers whenever and wherever there is a need." To provide customers with timely quality service, AcBel has set up a business service team to be in charge of providing immediate and feasible countermeasures and comprehensive solutions to our customers regarding product development and manufacturing, product quality, lead time, after-sales service, and realization of social responsibility.

AcBel is consistently devoted to helping customers achieve corporate goals, understanding customers’ needs and attaining high customer satisfaction. To this end, AcBel fully considers the opinions put forth by customers in the monthly or quarterly business review (QBR) meetings regarding "Social and Environmental Responsibility," "Rick Management," "Product Quality," "Technical Support," "Delivery Time and Price," and "Peer Evaluation" as reference for the project design and adjustment so as to fulfill customers’ requests and expectations.

In addition, AcBel actively responds to various ESG supply chain projects from customers, such as International Industry Standard Verification, Net Zero Carbon Emissions, Zero Waste to Landfill, Environmental Sustainability, etc. Through the implementation of project meetings and participation in related activities, AcBel aims at mitigating negative impacts on the environment and the society so as to create a sustainable value chain.

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Meeting customers’ requirements and fulfilling their expectations has been the centerpiece of AcBel and for this customer satisfaction surveys are conducted by the Quality Control Center in five aspects, including "product quality, service quality, delivery quality, price quality, and technical capabilities." Based on the results of the survey, a special task force with specialists from the departments of R&D, Sales, and Quality Assurance will be set up and be in charge of a series of improvement measures to optimize the management processes.

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Supplier Management

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