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Company Overview

Established in Tamsui District, New Taipei City, Taiwan in 1981, AcBel’s core business scope includes research, development, manufacturing and distribution of power supplies. AcBel is currently one of the world top ten manufacturers of switching power supplies. Adopting customer-oriented service principle and strategy, AcBel has set up its global R&D headquarters in Taiwan, and a number of professional R&D teams in China and the USA. With manufacturing plants mainly located in Asia—ranging from Taiwan, China, to the Philippines—and widely established branch offices in the USA, Europe, Taiwan, China, and Japan, AcBel aims to design quality products based on the demands of customers and the markets as to remain competitive.

With the vision of "We Power the World with Sustainable/Renewable Energy and High Efficiency Power Supply," AcBel has actively invested in the R&D of clean and high-efficiency energy products as to reduce energy consumption, as well as developed environmental renewable energy in solar field based on the infra of smart meter and smart grid for building up energy convergence service business model: generate, transform, use and store electricity as well as convergence service. Moving forward, AcBel hopes to transform the energy to driving sustainable virtuous cycle, turning the new page for corporate transformation and reaching the goal of "Becoming the Top 2 power supply provider in the global power supply industry."


Contact Information for AcBel Major
Manufacturing Plants

  • Taiwan / Tamsui Plant

    AcBel Polytech Inc.

    No. 18, Sec. 2, Zhongyang S. Rd., Beitou Dist., Taipei City 112, Taiwan (Qiyan Office)
    No. 159, Sec.3, Danjin Road, Tamsui District, New Taipei City, 25144, Taiwan (Factory)
    Tel: 886-2-2621-7672
    Fax: 886-2-2623-4156

  • China / Dongguan Plant

    AcBel Electronic (Dong Guan) Co., Ltd.

    No.17-28, (Hong Yeh Rd.), Hong Yeh Industrial District, Tang Xia Town, Dong Guan City, Guang Dong Province, 523710, China
    Tel: 86-769-8791-3815
    Fax: 86-769-8772-8464

  • China / Wuhan Plant

    AcBel Electronic (Wuhan) Co., Ltd.

    No.1, DuTai North Road Economic Development Zone, Xiantao City, Hubei Province, 433000, China
    Tel: 86-728-3900-888
    Fax: 86-728-3257-852

  • Philippines / Philippines Plant

    AcBel Polytech (Philippines) Inc.

    No.2, Tagaytay Ridge Drive, Carmelray Industrial Park II, Km 54 National Highway, Calamba City, Laguna, Philippines, 4027
    Tel: 6349-502-7253
    Fax: 6349-502-7253 Ext. 3425

President Statement

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Global Situation and Challenges

Looking back on the year 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in severe global, social and economic disruption. People are forced to drastically change their lifestyle which they used to familiar with and accommodated new ways of working. Moreover, extreme conditions like drought and torrential rains strongly indicate the harsh reality brought by global warming and the crisis that it may cause. Although we have already started to face many obstacles and challenges in the front, we never ceased to move along the path to corporate sustainability.

The world is currently in a critical phase of energy transition. Green energy will be the key to driving economic development in the near future. December, 2020 was also the 5th anniversary of the Paris Agreement that was signed. Asia finally started to follow the lead of the European nations and the concept of “Zero carbon emissions” has been spearheaded. To confront the low-carbon transition, AcBel ascribes to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Financial Supervisory Commission’s “Corporate Governance 3.0-Sustainable Development Roadmap” as our corporate governance blueprint, to expand on our 3-pronged sustainability strategy regarding the Environment (E), Society (S), and Corporate Governance (G).

Corporate Governance and Performance

With the efforts of the management team and all employees, we have shown exceptional resilience to the pandemic. The annual revenue of the fiscal year 2020 was NT$ $20.983 billion, an increase by 1.94% over the year 2019, and EPS was NT$2.54. In addition, AcBel’s ranked up to top 6-20% among listed company in Taiwan from corporate governance evaluation results this year which again indicates that we have taken some steps forward with our corporate governance culture, with protecting shareholder’s rights and fair treatment of our shareholders, and that we have also improved on assuring stakeholder’s rights, information transparency and the responsibilities of Board members.

Our Path towards Green Energy

Our vision here at AcBel has always been “We Power the World with Sustainable/Renewable Energy and High Efficiency Power Supply.” Our core strategy “Smart Energy Integration Services” continues to focus on the development of consumer and industrial energy sources, and with the technology to manufacture avant-garde car energy, aeronautics, internet communications and medical-use energy sources we aspire to be the best partner and be one of the pioneers of sustainable energy.

In response to the announcement that all nuclear energy to be replaced by green energy declared by the Taiwan government, AcBel has designed a sophisticated scheme in regards to energy conservation, energy generation, energy storage and system integration. Our recent developments were of course to expand our solar fields in Taiwan; by 2020 we have already gained market advantages, that is, we have earned the niche in terms of market share of green energy. The total energy contract capacity from all of our solar fields in Taiwan has exceeded 137MW; our short-to-middle-term sustainability goal is to develop power grid with 500MW contract capacity by the year 2023.

New Trend of Smart Production

In the near future, the construction of Taiwan HQ smart manufacturing building with EEWH (green building certification system in Taiwan) gold-level will be completed at the end of 2021. It’s estimated to contribute about 2.5 billion in gross revenue after theformal launch of mass production in Q1 of 2022.

In addition to increased net revenue and gross profits, the new smart building will implement high-efficiency and low-carbon-emission manufacturing. Along with the utilization of renewable energy, it will help to achieve the Science Based Target (SBT) of carbon reduction and drive low-carbon transformation.

Outstanding Performance in Corporate Social Responsibility

Back in 2020, we signed to support the initiative of Task Force Climate-related Financial Disclosures and become the first electronics manufacturer in the world to obtain TCFD Conformity Verification Level 5: Excellence. We continue to carry out climate risk and opportunity management to adjust our low-carbon transitional core strategy. We score up to B (Management Level) for Climate Change and Water Safety questionnaire of Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) in 2020 which is better than the performance of peers. Our efforts on promoting CSR have also received approval from various external organizations. We have received the “Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards (TCSA)-Corporate Sustainability Report Award“ from TAISE for six years in a row. We won 3 awards in total in 2020, the “Corporate Sustainability Report Award-IT & IC Manufacturing – Platinum Award,“ “Best Performance of Specific Category-Growth through Innovative Awards“ and “Climate Leadership Awards.“ We also disclose ESG information in this report (The 2020 Sustainability Report) with certificates in recognition of complying “Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB)” standard. The content is associated with investors to stay connected globally.

Strengthening Influence in Pursuing Sustainability

In aspects of sustainable social development, we keep to promote our environmental education in community elementary schools in 2020. We engaged more our stakeholders to involved in issues related to pollution and ecology through public events, including participating in Common Wealth’s “Do one thing for Tamsui River“ river-cleaning event at the wetlands in Wugu. We also took part in the “Leopard-cat Rice Project“ with our supply chain partners in Tongxiao town, Miaoli, to recover the vibrancy of the ecological pyramid and maintain an everlasting food chain. Through the momentum of company and employees, we could balance robust economic activity with a healthy ecosystem.

In the future, AcBel will continue to uphold our vision of “We Power the World.“ With the strength of innovative R&D capabilities, production technology, the excellence of interactions between our employees and our customers or strategic partners, we will continue to enhance our performance on remarkable corporate governance, environmental sustainability, society harmony and sustainable supply chain. We can assure that common values can be shared, the foundations for sustainability are formulated and that we can deepened our influence on sustainability along the entire length of the industrial value chain.

Chairman & President Jerry Hsu

Financial Performance

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2020 SER KPI Performance


Corporate Governance

Founded in 1981, AcBel has adhered to its corporate core values and theory of business over nearly four decades. To live up to one of the company's fundamental values, integrity, the company abides by the government's laws, formulating related regulations, protecting shareholders' interests, strengthening responsibility and function of the board of directors as well as the supervisors, enhancing risk prevention management, and realizing internal control and audit. AcBel also strives to respect the interests of stakeholder and increase the information transparency.

AcBel's board of directors is in charge of operation supervision while the operation management team is dedicated to operation performance. The board of directors and the management team cooperate and work jointly in pursuit of sustainable corporate operation. The company formulates relevant operation guidelines in accordance with related government laws and regulations, builds corresponding departmental organizations for operation needs, abides by international community’s human rights ethics, strives to alleviate climate changes, and strengthens the foundation for sustainable corporate operation. Moreover, AcBel is consistently devoted to maximizing shareholders' interests and for this we consider all stakeholders’ opinions to forge a sustainable society with fairness and justice so as to fulfill our responsibility as a corporate citizen.




Board of Directors

The board of directors is the company’s highest governance unit and the organization for major business decision-making. With a view to pursuing maximal interests for shareholders and protecting the rights and interests of all interested parties, its primary responsibility is to supervise the operation of the company in accordance with laws and company regulations, ensure that the company complies with various laws, articles of association, and shareholders’ meeting resolutions of exercising its powers, and provide professional strategies and directions to the management team. The chairman of the board does not concurrently hold any position in the company's senior management. The company's operation and management are taken care of by professional managers to ensure the achievement of operational performance targets.

The board of directors (BOD) consists of 11 directors, including 3 independent directors. The nomination and selection of board members are in accordance with the company's articles of association, adopting a candidate nomination system, complying with the "Procedures for Election of Directors" and "Corporate Governance Code of Practice," and transparently as well as openly selecting members with the necessary knowledge, skills and accomplishments to perform the above-mentioned duties, ensuring the diversity and independence of directors. Information about board members’ background information, academic experience, advanced studies, meeting attendance and shareholding, other company’s employment, spouse or second-class relative’s employment, and other information that may cause conflicts of interest have been actively announced in AcBel’s Annual Report, official website, and market observation post system. Please refer to pages 8-19 of the 2020 Annual Report for aforementioned information.

In 2020, six BOD meetings were held to discuss corporate governance operation issues and the discussion results were announced as regulated. In case the BOD meetings discussions concern the interest of directors, they should be handled in accordance with pertinent recusal measures or regulations to ensure the smoothness and functionality of corporate governance. Please refer to pages 25-27 for meeting details and updates on executions of “interest-avoiding” measures in 2020 AcBel Annual Report.


Board Performance Evaluation

In order to implement corporate governance and enhance the functions of the BOD, self-evaluation or peer-review inside the BOD has been implemented since 2020 to improve operational efficiency. The "Rules for Performance Evaluation of Board of Directors" was adopted by the BOD on November 10, 2020. The performance of the BOD, board members, and functional committees (Audit Committee and Remuneration Committee) are evaluated internally, and external professional independent organizations or external teams of experts and scholars perform an evaluation every three years. The results of the aforementioned evaluations must be reported to the BOD, and the directors’ corporate governance and social responsibility performance will be linked with salary and remuneration to enhance the overall board of directors’ guidance and supervision functions. The most recent evaluation period was from January 1, 2020 to December 31, 2020, and the evaluation results were presented in 5 levels, where 1 represented extremely poor and 5 represented extremely excellent.


Shareholders' Meeting

AcBel attaches great importance to the interaction and communication channels between investors. Through shareholders' meeting, we promote the company's operational decision-making to have a long-term perspective, while optimizing social and environmental actions to promote the sustainable development of the company.

In 2020, one session of Shareholders’ Meeting and three sessions of Investor Meeting were held. More information about major resolutions, post-conference follow-up actions, and the list of major shareholders can be referred to on pages 66-68 and pages 75-76 of 2020 AcBel Annual Report. In order to improve the transparency of information disclosure, an English version of the 2020 annual report will be issued for the first time in 2021, and the English version of the shareholders' meeting manual will be provided for interested parties to consult.

In order to enhance the transparency of corporate governance and achieve the goal of improving corporate governance, a dedicated department has been set up to communicate with shareholders, treat each shareholder fairly, allow shareholders’ rights and interests to be treated reasonably in accordance with laws and regulations. In addition, AcBel actively practices shareholder activism as well as shares operating profits with shareholders and the right to participate in company management, such as dividends, voting rights, the right to know, the right to vote, etc.

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Functional Committee - Remuneration Committee and Audit Committee

In order to effectively perform the functions improve the quality of decision-making of the BOD, Remuneration Committee and Audit Committee are established under the BOD according to their powers and functions, responsible for the discussion of important issues such as corporate governance, economy, environment, and society.

The functional committees are composed of three independent directors. In order to make the decisions and recommendations of the committees forward-looking, objective and comprehensive, effectively implement the mechanism of independent supervision and checks and balances and ensure that the resolutions and actions of the board of directors, all proposals are submitted the reported to the BOD for discussion; if there are interested parties involved in the directors themselves or their representatives, pertinent recusal will be executed in accordance with the law. Some proposals are also submitted to the shareholders meeting for reports and discussions in order to meet the best interests of the interested parties.

In 2020, the discussion topics of the functional committees ranged from risk evaluation, audit planning, business expansion, employee’s salary and the remuneration of directors and supervisors, etc., and the meeting minutes were all accepted by the board of directors. Further details about the committee members and specific operation status of the committee are covered on pages 29-30 and pages 44-46 of 2020 AcBel Annual Report.

Remuneration of Employees & Board Members

According to laws, regulations and the company’s articles of association, if the company’s pre-tax profits of the current year deduct the distribution of employee remuneration and the benefits before the director’s remuneration, no less than 2% shall be allocated for employee compensation and no more than 2% for director reward if there is still profit.

AcBel's overall profit in 2020 was increased. In March 2021, the BOD passed a resolution of NT$60,928,889 for employee compensation and NT$15,820,421for board members. Both of compensation were paid in cash, with an increase of NT$14,855,287 (approximately 24% in percentage) compared with the previous year.

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Tax Policy

To pursue sustainable development and fulfill corporate social responsibility (CSR), AcBel formulates the following tax policy to carry out tax governance.

The authority for corporate tax governance is the Finance Department, and related task would be conducted based on the tax laws and regulations as per the location of company’s operation. Once approved by internal process for the correctness of tax information, taxes can be submitted. In support of government measures and tax policies in promoting corporate innovation, research and development and economic development, AcBel is committed to transparent tax information, and authorizes or consults external experts based on our business needs to make sure the compliance of tax regulation and fulfillment of declaration obligation.

The company strives to increase tax related expertise and continue internal talent training to make sure that related personnel are capable of taking care of tax affairs. The dedicated department should communicate with tax authority and authorize or consult external experts for advice, as to make sure the compliance of tax regulation and fulfillment of declaration obligation, lowering or dispelling risks of possible legal sanction due to failure to comply with the tax law, financial loss and reputation damage.

●According to local tax regulations, the company regularly makes honest declaration and pay taxes for fulfilling taxpayer’s social responsibility.
●AcBel’s financial statements disclose tax information as regulated to make sure information transparency.
●Conducting tax planning without shifting profits to tax haven or low-tax countries for tax avoidance.
●Our related party transaction is based on Transfer Pricing Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises and Tax Administrations of Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and abided by principles for regular transaction.
●Building mutual trust and honest communication with tax authorities.
●The company’s major transaction and policy-making would take tax impact into consideration.

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