Established in 1981, AcBel Polytech Inc. has recognized innovation, harmony and transcendence as our business philosophy, and we always put customer satisfaction as the first priority. Through constant innovations and market exploration, AcBel has become one of the leading developers, manufactures and sellers of power management solutions in the world and our solutions are applied to the products of a number of industry leaders.

AcBel’s global R&D Headquarter is established in Taiwan, with Technology Design Centers located in China and U.S. that enable AcBel to work closely with customers in the regions of the world where they are located and to develop various products meeting customers specialized needs and market trend. Relying on expertise experience for decades, we provide a total solution for our customer by offering a wide range of custom design and high quality power supplies, ranging from 3W up to 10,000W per power module. These power supplies are of varieties meeting wide range applications including information technology, communication, consumer electronics, networks and industrial automation. In light of the challenges posed by global warming problem, AcBel addresses the environmental responsibility issue through our commitment to provide products and services that improve energy efficiencies and reduce potential harm to the environment. In addition, we put efforts to new fields including Electric Vehicle, energy and so on, with the expectation for development of total solution based upon the power management technology. For future prospect, AcBel has made a firm commitment to provide leading-edge, high-value integrated product/system solutions; to build the strongest partnership with customers.


AcBel has always put customer satisfaction as first priority. No matter how the surroundings have changed, AcBel would never be off the path leading to perfect fulfillment to customers’ needs, which is also what has fueled AcBel keep this long-term growth. To be an AcBel team member, some characteristics have been considered essential:


  • Ubiquitous Innovation
  • Being better and better by Innovation
  • Innovation through continuous learning


  • Discipline and integrity
  • Being a big family
  • Teamwork


  • Exceed ourselves
  • Exceed competitors
  • Exceed expectations
  • Exceed the best


“We Power the World with Sustainable/Renewable Energy and High Efficiency Power Supply.”
To carry out this vision, AcBel has committed to:
  • Provide customers total solution with outstanding R&D, on time delivery and consistent quality for customer satisfaction.
  • Provide high efficiency and energy saving products in accordance with respective regulations including RoHS、WEEE.
  • Be a leading world-class supplier in the areas we compete.


  • Chairman Rock Hsu

    Honorary doctorate from the National Taiwan Normal University
    Current Position
    Chinese National Federation of Industries (CNFI)
    China Productivity Center
    Compal Electronics, Inc.
    AcBel Polytech Inc.
    Vice Chairman:
    Straits Exchange Foundation
    Honorary Chairman:
    Taiwan Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers Association (TEEMA)
    Importers and Exporters Association of Taipei
    Chairman, Taiwan Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers Association (TEEMA)
    Chairman, Importers and Exporters Association of Taipei
    Deputy Managing Director、,General Chamber of Commerce of the Republic of China
    Consultant, Executive Yuan
    Consultant, President 's Financial Advisory G
  • President Jerry Hsu

    Master Degree of Management from Waseda University in Tokyo
    Current Position
    President of AcBel Polytech Inc.
    Board of Kinpo & Compal
    An executive director of TEEMA
    A director of IEAT
    A president of TWC-YEG
    A director of TJABC
    A supervisor of MJ Taiwan
    A director of CIAT
    A director of Epoch
    A director of NTCCF
    A director of CNFI
    Board of Kinpo Electronics, Inc.
    EVP of AcBel Polytech Inc.


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Auditing Office

  • Review and evaluate the Company's internal control systems.
  • Establish and revise the internal audit system to give full play to the early warning function.
  • Perform audit of the implementation of various management systems in the Company on a regular basis.

President Office

  • Comprehensively manage and coordinate the execution of various businesses of the Company and various departments.
  • Supervise the implementation of the Company's future development and business objectives.

Overseas Center

  • Expand the Company's overseas business and overseas customer service center.

Testing Center

  • Assist in ISO/IEC 17025 laboratory certification and management.
  • Promote and supervise the self-verification operation of smart meters.
  • Establish/maintain the fairness, consistency and capacity of the laboratory quality system.
  • Plan inspection/calibration/testing services according to company needs.
  • Feedback test data, provide statistical analysis and improvement of quality assurance system.

Corporate Sustainable Development Office

  • Plan and promote the implementation of the policies, objectives, strategies, action plans and management systems of the Company's corporate social responsibility.

Occupational Safety and Health Office

  • Plan, supervise and implement labor safety and health management, review of health facilities and health education and training.
  • Formulate occupational disaster prevention plan, supervise the investigation and handling of the occupational disaster.
  • Plan labor health examination and implement health management.

Operation & Management Office

  • Implement the promotion and integration of company-wide project plans.
  • Implement the Company's related investment evaluation and management.
  • Plan and formulate the annual work objectives on an overall basis.
  • Comprehensively manage the formulation, evaluation and implementation of the Company's various plans.
  • Coordinate the operation of each department and make plans for related systems.
  • Set the Company's future development and business objectives and supervise their implementation.

Operation System Planning Division

  • Make planning for the systems and technologies related to digital transformation
  • Supervise programs related to digital transformation
  • Make planning for related operation systems
  • Make planning for the systems and technologies related to digital transformation
  • Assist in planning and establishing a smart manufacturing system


Legal & Intellectual Property Div.

  • Patent application, intellectual property management and legal affairs.

Construction Engineering Division

  • Implement the plant planning, construction manufacturer selection, construction schedule and project quality control in line with the Company's operational needs.

R & D Center

  • Integrate R&D operation systems to enhance design capabilities and improve R&D
  • processes.
  • Carry out the advanced R&D of new circuits and new technologies according to the
  • Company's product development strategies.
  • Evaluate and review proposals and applications for innovation and patented technologies.
  • Provide product-related technical support and consultation, etc.

Sales&Marketing Center

  • Responsible for the sales of supply products of consumer electronic products, computers and peripheral equipment, data processing, network communication, medical equipment, and the business promotion of smart grid products.
  • Evaluate and review the future positioning and mastering of market trends of related products.
  • Provide customer services and RMA Center.

Advanced Energy Group

  • Responsible for the business promotion of solar energy and other new energy products.
  • Evaluate and review the future positioning and mastering of market trends of related
  • products.
  • Provide customer services.

Information Services Center

  • Establish an information framework for the short, medium and long term needs of the Company, plan, implement and manage the construction and maintenance of the Company's internal and external networks and software and hardware systems.
  • Provide effective and reasonable information support and service in global stations through the establishment of professional information matching systems and processes.
  • Integrate relevant information systems and services of various departments of the Company to ensure consistency of the design and planning of information system architecture.
  • Establish the necessary global information security architecture and set up relevant systems, processes and education and training systems according to the Company's needs for information security.
  • Introduce new information technology on a timely basis, examine the benefits that new technology can bring to the Company's efficiency improvement, product support and business decision making, plan and implement them.

Quality Assurance Center

  • Develop/maintain quality policies and systems.
  • Review/sign quality contracts.
  • Maintain/manage quality system standards (ISO, etc.).
  • Coordinate/manage the GPMS (Green Product Management System), RoHS and WEEE.
  • Develop/implement quality management systems and plans.
  • Manage the customer quality service and satisfaction.

Administration Center

  • Plan for HR-related operations such as talent recruitment, employee development, salary management, retention and retirement.
  • Plan for the Company's property management, environmental cleaning and maintenance, general service procurement, and manage the price comparison and inquiry of the plant equipment, etc.

Finance Center

  • Perform operation analysis of the whole company and review the implementation of annual work objectives.
  • Management, planning and execution of company funds.
  • Handle the Company's accounting affairs and prepare management statements for decision-making analysis.
  • Handle the tax-related business such as rental and tax deduction and exemption.
  • Handle the Company's stock affairs.
  • Manage customer credit lines.

Procurement Management

  • Plan for and develop company-wide strategic purchasing plans and raw material management.
  • Establish and implement the supplier development and evaluation system.
  • Develop/implement strategies to reduce operating costs.

MFG Center

  • Responsible for the manufacturing, material storage, engineering and automation operations of each plant of the Company.
  • Manage the production schedule, delivery time and output of each plant of the Company.
  • Develop/implement strategies and plans to boost productivity and reduce costs.