Human Resources
  Privacy Statement  
Statement of collecting, processing, and using personal information by ACBEL POLYTECH INC.

To whom it may concern

For the personal information you provided to ACBEL POLYTECH INC. (“Company”) for the purpose of Company’s interview, report, logging in on-line recruit, and other related matter, Company will strictly in compliance with Personal Information Protection Act, and will manage the personal information you provided in a stringent manner. In addition, Company, in light of Personal Information Protection Act, herby informs you as follows:

1.    Name of the organization: ACBEL POLYTECH INC.

2.    Purpose of collecting personal information:

Pursuant to the specific purpose and the classification of personal information of the Personal Information Protection Act, promulgated by Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of China, the specific purpose(s) for Company to collect your personal information is/are as follows:

002 Human Resource Management (including recruitment, separation, employee profile, current position, education, working experience, examination distribution, long term learning, training and development, performance management, Verify the qualification, compensation, attendance record, benefit, Deprived of civil rights, special check (background), other personnel management. )


031 National health insurance, labor insurance, farmers insurance, national pension insurance or other social insurance


063 Non-government agency collect or process personal information under legal obligations


069 Contract, contract-like or other legal relation matters


109 Education or Training Administrative


145 Employment & service administration


181 Other business operation of public utilities (eg: running water, gas, etc.)



3.    Code types of collecting personal information:

1)      Code 001 to 003 of Code Types of identification. For example: name, Telephone Number, Bank Account, or The number of personal ID card.

2)      Code 011 to 013 of Code Types of characteristic. For example: age, date of birth.

3)      Code 021 to 024 of Code Family. For example: single or married, spouse's or co-habitant's name.

4)      Code 031, 033, 034, 038, and 039 of Code Social conditions. For example: the address of residence, work-permission document, residency proof document.

5)      Code 051, 052, 054, and 057 of Code Education, examination, technique or other profession. For example: qualification for diploma, school of graduation, expertise.

6)      Code 061 to 073 of Code Employment. For example: employers, title in the work place, salaries.

7)      Code 103 of Code Business information. For example: you and license related to your business.

8)      Code 111 of Code Health and other. For example: your medical reports, record of treatment and diagnosis.

9)      Code 131 to 132 of Code Other kinds of data and information. For example: mails, files, reports or e-mails unclassified.


4. Time period, area, target and way of the use of personal information:

1) Time period

a) Term or duration of the specific purpose of personal information collection.

b) In accordance with related laws and regulations (ex: Business Entity Accounting Act) or preservation period in performance of business (longer than law and regulation period).

c) In accordance with each contract.

2) Target: ACBEL POLYTECH INC., its branches, subsidiaries, and affiliates.

3) Area: Domestic and foreign domicile of the target mentioned in previous section.

4) Way: Collection, process, international transmission, and use in accordance with laws and regulations related to personal information.


5. You can, when you feel necessary, apply to Company to utilize the following right of your data:

1) any inquiry and request for a review of the personal information;

2) any request to make duplications of the personal information;

3) any request to supplement or correct the personal information;

4) any request to discontinue collection, processing or use of personal information; and

5) any request to delete the personal information.

If you wish to utilize any of the right above, please provide related documents through the e-mail on the right ( for application purpose. Company will inform you within 15 days from receipt of the application, and, if necessary, Company may extend for another 15 days.

6. You may freely chose to provide or not to provide the above personal information; provided, however, that upon your refusal, you will not have the right to interview for any Company position or provide business or services to Company.