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Isolated Half Bricks
Baseplate type 1/2 Brick Series
Size: 61.0x57.9x12.7mm
.High Efficiency .Over Temperature Protection
.High Power Density .Logic ON/OFF
.-40℃ to 100 ℃ Operation .Adjustable Output Voltage
.Fixed Frequency .Industry Standard Size and Print
.Output Over Voltage Protection .Metal Base Plate
.Output Over Current Protection .Safety Agency Approved

Module No.Module NameEfficiency(%)Io(Amps)DescriptionDC products clearenceData Sheet

SV48-28-450-B9416Half Brick 24Vin 28V/35A

SV48-28-350-B93.612.5Half Brick 48Vin 28V/12.5A
API0DC98-003GSV28-5-1758235Half Brick 28Vin 5V/35A
API0DC41-001SV28-12-100-1898.3Half Brick 28Vin 12V/8.3A
API0DC10-001GSV28-12-150-1898.3Half Brick 28Vin 12V/8.3A
DC8029-000GSV24-12-1509112.5Half Brick 24Vin 12V/12.5A
DC8026-AN0GSV24-12-3009125Half Brick 24Vin 12V/25A
DC7008-000GSV24-28-3509112.5Half Brick 24Vin 28V/12.5A(Positive)
DC7008-091GSV24-28-3509112.5Half Brick 24Vin 28V/12.5A(Negative)
DC8024-000GSV24-32-400-B9212.5High efficiency Half Brick 24Vin 32V/12.5A
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