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Isolated Eighth Verter
Baseplate type 1/8 Brick Series
Size: 58.9x22.8x9.5mm
.High Efficiency .Over Temperature Protection
.High Power Density .Logic ON/OFF
.-40℃ to 85 ℃ Operation .Adjustable Output Voltage
.Fixed Frequency .Industry Standard Size and Print
.Output Over Voltage Protection .Metal Base Plate
.Output Over Current Protection .Safety Agency Approved
.Over Temperature Protection  

Module No.Module NameEfficiency(%)Io(Amps)DescriptionDC products clearenceData Sheet

EV36-3.3-100902024Vin 3.3Vout 20A
DC7006-000GEV48-3.3-100922048Vin 3.3Vout 20A
DC7009-000GEV48-5.0-75921548Vin 5Vout 15A
DC8009-730GEV48-5.0-60921248Vin 5Vout 12A
DC8007-000GEV48-12-75926.2548Vin 12Vout 6.25A

EV36-5.0-75901536Vin 5Vout 15A

EV24-3.3-100922024Vin 3.3Vout 20A
DC7010-000GEV24-5.0-75921524Vin 5Vout 15A
DC8008-000GEV24-12-75926.2524Vin 12Vout 6.25A